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Complete List Of Features

Save Hundreds of dollars on: 
Office Visits & Exams 
Any Elective Procedure (e.g., dental care) 
Any Surgery (e.g., spaying & neutering) 
And more! 
Note: Food and flea products you take home, non-medical boarding and grooming, and any outside services (such as lab work or outside specialists) are at the veterinarian's discretion to discount or not, but may be available at a discount from one of our participating retailers. 

When someone finds a Pet Ally pet, all they have to do is call a toll-free number at any hour of day or night and we will help reunite you with your pet. On duty operators go right to work. They call your home, your work, your cell phone, and every emergency contact you provided, until they find you. Our service has reunited thousands of pets with their owners. If you lose your pet, it should be as easy as possible for the finder to return him/her. An electronic chip requires a visit to the vet. Your home phone number on the tag will not be much help if you are not home, and very often pets get lost while on vacation and away from home. Pet Ally makes it so easy for the finder to return a pet.

Save up to 50% on food, medications, toys, kitty litter, boarding, grooming, pet sitting, and more from thousands of participating retailers.

If you have any questions or would like to order by phone,
donít hesitate to call one of our member service representatives at
1-800-433-2349, Monday - Friday, 9AM Ė 5PM EST.